BMF - Specialist Mobile Equipment Center

Firma BMF

From the beginning of its establishment in 1998, the BMF company dealt with the implementation of innovative solutions in areas related to new technologies. The offer included broadly understood specialist computer equipment. This direction of activity is still continued, although over the years the solutions offered have been completely different.
Currently, the specialized computer equipment offered is products adapted to specific difficult working conditions, such as low or high temperature, high humidity or dust or water, but also mechanical resistance such as vibrations, impacts or falls. We offer:
- rugged laptops
- industrial tablets
- all-in-one computers
- industrial monitors
- vehicle computers
- PDA mobile computers
- rugged smartphones
- keyboards and controls
The recipients of our solutions are the military and other uniformed services, but also industry, energy companies and others. Due to the fact that in the medical industry there are often specific environmental requirements, we also offer products certified under this account in this field.
Since 2009, we have developed a second company department related to electromobility. It deals with the design and production of electric vehicles. In 2013, the first segway electric vehicle called VELEX OFF-ROAD X1 was created. This line of vehicles is still very popular on the market in companies related to security, uniformed services and tourism.
Currently, the range of vehicles offered by the VELEX brand is very wide and starts with scooters, electric scooters, quads and other four-wheeled vehicles, and ending with buses. We invite you to visit our VELEX Electric Vehicle Showroom in Częstochowa at ul. Kilińskiego 72/74.