Our brands

The TOUGHPHONE brand is a mobile solution with a very strong construction that provides immense resistance even to the most difficult working conditions. The design of the TOUGHPHONE was designed to be similar to that of military equipment, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-810G and IP67 to IP68.

RUGGED KEY offers a wide range of keyboards, mains and pads with high resistance to damage. These products are available in two versions: metal and silicone. They provide protection against dust and water, usually in IP65 class. The design provides great resistance to mechanical damage (also vandal resistant). These are solutions dedicated to working in difficult conditions for the industry but also for example medicine.
GETAC products are the latest technology developed specifically for the medical needs. GETAC branded the most emphasis on quality, durability and durability. Medicine is the second industry after which the resistance of products to mechanical damage and to chemicals (eg disinfection) is a priority.
VELEX brand was established in 2009 and is connected with electric two-wheeled vehicles. Already in December 2014, the VELEX OFF-ROAD X1 was honored with the "Jurassic Product of the Year 2014" statuette. VELEX self-aligning two-wheel vehicles are the latest technology. VELEX has refined the power system, the control computer, used the latest batteries, making VELEX vehicles one of the leading in this class of equipment.
NoteStar products are manufactured by the largest mobile equipment factories, tested in terms of efficiency and functionality in a testament to "high quality for reasonable money". The offer is addressed to customers from industry, logistics, transport, automotive, emergency services, military, medicine, geodesy, or business. Individuals who practice extreme sports also find solutions for their needs. Most of the products offered are RUGGED equipment, which is resistant to difficult working conditions, resistant to falls, shocks, vibrations, water, dust, low temperatures, etc.
The TOUGHBOOK brand is associated with specialized medical equipment such as LEDs or medical centrifuges.
The RUGGED brand includes a wide range of high performance mobile equipment. The word "rugged" with the prefix is used to determine the strength class.
The RUGGEDPAD brand is associated with ruggedized spacialistic tablets. Structures are resistant to vibration, fall, or environmental factors. These units are dedicated to work outdoors or under severe conditions where ordinary computer hardware will soon be destroyed.
The RUGGED PHONES brand was created through the cooperation of several companies. They specialize in the manufacture of reinforced construction equipment. BMF is the distributor of specialist mobile equipment for industry, the military, the police, the fire department, etc. Rugged Phones are offered under the Rugged Phones brand, which is designed to work in tough environmental conditions. The design of the phone is designed to be similar to that of a military device that complies with the MIL-STD-810G standard.
The CyberMED brand was created by the increasing demand for computer hardware in the medical field. Medical equipment must guarantee reliability even in emergencies such as fall or strike, so the design of such solutions has increased damage tolerance on the basis of "rugged" equipment used in the military.
CAT PHONE is an independent brand of mobile equipment with a reinforced construction dedicated to the construction industry. Offered solutions provide the highest resistance to difficult environmental conditions that occur in the construction industry.
The SlimX brand includes a wide range of home medical equipment. The range includes RF, Ultrasonic, and LED treatment.

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